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Lip & Tape Bags

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Polypropylene Resealable Bags have a high clarity and protect products from dirt and moisture damage. These bags are acid-free with no harmful plasticizers used in the production. The bags are also chemically non-aggressive which makes them more suitable for long term archiving. Bio-orienting gives the bags breathing properties so they will not ripple, dimple, or pucker over time. They are also FDA approved for food storage.

Using these bags, one may quickly package products with the self-adhesive strip, which will not wear out. Speed up production with the peel back release strip-peel the strip in one easy motion and then fold and seal. Bags are pre-sized and pre-cut to fit CD, DVD, VHS, and other video cases. This is an easy alternative to shrink wrapping. Many other sizes are available for photos, prints, posters, comics, etc?

All bags have an allowance of 0.125" for bags less than 10" and 0.25 for bags larger than 10". The lips range from 1.2" to 3.0".

The bags are all 160 gauge (1.6 mil) in thickness. The envelopes are all of 120 gauge (1.2 mil).

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