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Vertical Band Sealers

Our Vertical stainless steel industrial grade band sealers are ideal for sealing thermoplastic materials (PP, PE, laminates) of any size and length. With vertical band sealers bags are in a standing position on conveyor.  Speeds of band sealers are considerably faster than other types of sealing (up to 472 inches per minute).

Sealer Sales Band Sealer Standard Features

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Easy to operate - minimal operator training
  • Fast warm up time
  • Seals any thermoplastic material including PE, PP, and laminates
  • Adjustable speed conveyor to accommodate materials varying in thickness
  • Motorized rubber conveyor with speed control
  • Solid state digital temperature control (0-572°F) (0-300°C) to maintain seal bars at proper temperature for consistent seal quality
  • One pair each of heating and cooling blocks
  • Sealing speed of up to 472 inches per minute (depending on the operator, ~20-26bags/minute)
  • Maximum seal width - 8mm (Ask us about 15mm for some of our band sealers)
  • Options:  embossing or solid ink coding or color ribbon printing
  • Spare part kits and instructions included
Each band sealer comes with a tool box containing spare bands, PTFE belts, tools, and a type set. Some models can be interchanged easily from horizontal to vertical to free standing positions with an optional conversion kit.

Easy to operate.  Turn on the power and heat switch of your band sealer.  When the preset temperature has been reached, place the bag in the positioning plate.  The sealing band carries the bag forward and seals the bag instantly.  No pushing or pulling is required.

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Price: $906.00
8mm Seal Width. 1 Line Embossing (2 Lines available). 3 Sections with 15 characters per line. Sealing speed up to 472 inches per minute
Price: $1,087.50
8mm Seal Width. 1 Line Embossing (2 Lines available). 3 Sections with 15 characters per line . Vertical mode - Best for filling liquids and stand up pouches. Feeds left to right. Sealing method: constant/Direct Heat.
Price: $1,575.00
HL-810M is similar to CBS-880 except the feeding is on the left side and this unit is also equipped with a hot ink coding imprinter. 8mm Seal Width. Bag size (filled) - Min - 7 7/8" Max - 12 1/2. Character size - 18PT (2 lines) / 10.5pt (3 lines)