L-Bar Sealers

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L-Bar Sealers are designed for shrink packaging. One step cuts and seals film up to 26" wide depending on the model of the sealer. The sealer makes 2 seals at one time-sealing both the edge of the center fold wrap and also cutting & sealing across the width. The sealers are of steel construction for quality and durability. Equipped with an electronic timer to control the sealing time. All sealers come with a film separator, work table, and a twin perforating hole punchers and film roller.
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Price: $1,350.00
14"(V) x 20"(H)Line seal type
Price: $1,498.00
20"(V) x 26"(H)Line seal type
Price: $1,595.00
26"(V) x 31"(H)Line seal type
Price: $905.00
12"(V) x 18"(H) Line type Seal
Price: $1,548.00
24"(V) x 32"(H) Line Type Seal