18" Foot Sealer with cutter

Weight: 40 lbs
Price: $472.50
18" Foot Sealer with cutter
18" Foot Sealer with cutter
Product Details
  • Ideal for high volume poly bag and other thermoplastic sealing
  • Capable of 15 - 20 seals per minute
  • allows the user to keep both hands free for quicker and more accurate sealing
  • Consistent flat seal

YC Series foot operated sealers come with a sliding cutter and a U-shaped sealing bar. An ideal sealer for poly tubing. Available in 18" and 24" with a cutting length of 15" and 21" respectively. The seal width is 3mm. These sealers have a rectangular steel frame stand. Manufacturer replacement's kit includes 2 elements and a blade.

 -Specification sheets available. Please call-