W-500IC - 20" Sealer with Cutter

SKU: W-500IC
Weight: 44 lbs
Ideal for shrink wrap packaging and making bags from poly tubing
Price: $415.00
W-500IC - 20" Sealer with Cutter
W-500IC - 20" Sealer with Cutter
Product Details

Model #: W-500IC
Power: 110V
Power (Watts): 600
Weight: 44 LBS
Sealing Length: 20"
Dimensions: 29.5" x 16" x 5.5"
Distance from center
of film to seal: 10.5"

The W-500IC is a 20" I-Bar Sealer with cutter designed for shrink film packaging, but can also be used for making poly bags from tubing.  This Sealer comes with a round wire for cutting and sealing. I-Bar sealers with cutters have a flat element and sliding blade. Steel construction is used, including the work base for quality and durability. 

Additional features depending on sealer model include timer, heat gun holder, film roller, film separator and cutter unit.

Film and heat gun sold separately. Shrink wrap kits are available. Please call.